Pioneering Sustainability: Thermory Nordic Pine.

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the timeless appeal of Thermory Nordic Pine? Dive into the fascinating world of sustainable wood as Decking Warehouse, in collaboration with African Lumber, reveals the mysterious process that distinguishes this timber in the realm of modern construction. Discover the artistry that gives Thermory Nordic Pine unmatched durability and eco-conscious appeal, making it a cornerstone of sustainable building practices in South Africa and beyond.

Unlocking the Benefits:


Thermory Nordic Pine’s thermal modification process significantly reduces decay and rot susceptibility. This wood eliminates the need for chemical preservation by reducing its appeal to wood-decomposing organisms and lowering its moisture absorbency, resulting in a longer lifespan and lower maintenance requirements.

Dimensional Stability:

The unique treatment process results in exceptional dimensional stability, making Thermory Nordic Pine resistant to warping, swelling, or shrinking, even in varying temperatures and humidity. This characteristic ensures reliable performance in diverse weather conditions and applications.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

Thermory, which is sourced from forests that are responsibly managed, encourages sustainable building techniques and lessens its environmental impact. Because of its lightweight, energy-efficient construction can be achieved with a reduced carbon footprint. Furthermore, the environment and human health are guaranteed to be safe thanks to its chemical-free modification process.

Low Maintenance:

Compared to conventional treated wood, Thermory Nordic Pine requires a great deal less maintenance due to its natural resistance to water and decay. Because of this feature, homeowners and builders can save money and have a hassle-free experience, which makes it a desirable long-term investment.


Decking Warehouse is a central spot for Thermory Nordic Pine, a top-notch wood that is shaping South African construction. This eco-friendly and long-lasting product aligns with our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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