About us

The origins of DECKING WAREHOUSE are to be found in the warehouses and operations of AFRICAN LUMBER TRADERS, a company with whom we still have very close ties.

African Lumber opened its doors in May 2014, providing hardwood lumber to the Western Cape manufacturing community. Starting with high quality exotic timbers from the Congo Basin in West Africa, the range expanded, firstly to include tropical timbers from Southeast Asia, then durable hardwoods from the temperate regions of North America and Europe, before finally finding the best suppliers of tropical hardwoods from the Amazon region in South America.

Eastern Europe and the Amazon are where we found the best supplies of decking and other outdoor timbers. Once we settled on the right mix of species, Decking Warehouse was born. We have built very strong trading relations with a range of loyal suppliers who value us as much as we value their support.

Innovation is a key part of our DNA. We were the first to bring TMT (Thermally Modified Timbers) to the South African market when we partnered with Thermory. This year saw the first shipments of Angelique (Guianease Teak / Basaralocus) decking and structural dimensions come into stock. This very durable and very stable timber is harvested from below the water in the Brokopondo Hydro-electric Reservoir in Suriname. Go to Google Maps to see the large body of water in the centre of the country. It was built in the 1960’s to supply electricity to a new aluminium smelter nearby which then flooded 1 560 km2 of rainforest, forever preserving these wonderful trees to be harvested for later use.

Quality is the hallmark of our offering as we aim to bring to market the best quality moulded timber products we can source from all corners of the world. This applies not only to the timber we stock, but also to the growing list of ancillary items we stock in our quest to cover every aspect of the decking installers requirements.

Our well-trained staff are ready, willing and waiting to attend to your decking, cladding and other structural outdoor timber requirements.