Exploring The Exquisite Beauty of Suriname’s Angelique

Imagine finding something both beautiful and of high quality. That’s exactly what Ernie, the General Manager of Decking Warehouse, did when he went on a special trip to discover the stunning Angelique wood from Suriname.

Discovering Suriname’s Natural Beauty

Suriname is often called the “hidden gem” of South America because it has incredibly beautiful nature. It’s located on the northeastern coast of the continent, where lush rainforests meet pristine rivers. This place is a haven for many different kinds of plants and animals, making it a truly breathtaking destination.

The Adventure Begins

Ernie’s journey was quite an adventure. He took nine flights and travelled about 1800 kilometres by car, all in just six days. As he explored Suriname, he was amazed by its natural beauty and enjoyed experiencing its unique culture. Suriname’s culture is a mix of influences from indigenous peoples, Africans, Indians, Javanese, and more. Ernie also got to taste the local food, which was a delicious blend of flavours. One of the highlights was a traditional drink called dawet, made from coconut milk, rose syrup, and tapioca pearls, giving a sweet and aromatic taste of Suriname.

Where Magic Meets Nature.

Ernie’s journey led him to the heart of Suriname’s timber industry, where he arrived at Brokopondo Lake Wood NV. It was here that the timber’s transformation from raw material to the exquisite Angelique decking took place. He had the opportunity to witness the meticulous process firsthand, from the careful selection of the timber to the precision crafting of each plank. With an expert eye, he inspected the quality of the decking that would soon make its way to our customers. The rich hues and unique grain patterns were a testament to the craftsmanship and natural beauty of Suriname’s Angelique timber, reinforcing our commitment to delivering the finest materials


The journey to Suriname uncovered a dual treasure: the exceptional Angelique decking timber and the vibrant culture of Suriname itself.
But our journey doesn’t end here; it continues as we set our sights on Uruguay. Stay tuned on African Lumber, as we explore Red Grandis!